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2/11/18 - Testing on the "SkyWave 400" is complete. Although this design worked well, it was decided that this amplifier is too costly to produce. This project has been cancelled.

2/3/18 - "SkyWave DX400" prototype in testing phase.

1/20/18 - First "SkyWave DX400" PCB assembly begins.

1/15/18 - "SkyWave DX400" prototype PCBs arrive.

1/12/18 - Work on the prototype "SkyWave DX400" PCB resumes.

1/9/18 - We're unable to keep up with orders... so we won't be taking any more orders. Any product available will be offered via Ebay.


12/8/17 - We're back in operation and swamped with orders. We will not be taking any more orders until June 2018.

10/5/17 - Telstar Electronics will be relocating…
               During this transition, all production of existing products and the development of the new products have been put on "hold”.
               We hope to be fully operational around the new year.

9/1/18 - "SkyWave DX400" in engineering development.

7/25/17 - "SkyWave DX100" Rev:B released to production.

7/3/17 - First "SkyWave DX100" design validation units in testing phase.

6/10/17 - "SkyWave DX100" in engineering development.

4/1/17 - The LoudMouth product has been discontinued.


12/26/16 - "SkyWave DX500" Rev:B released to production.

3/20/16 - First "SkyWave DX250" Rev:C available for sale.

2/20/16 - Started document to track HF high power/low voltage RF bipolar transistor sub-standard semiconductors.

2/14/16 - "SkyWave DX250" Rev:C released to production.