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6/15/18 - The first "SkyWave DX100 Revision-C boards are being fabricated.

6/4/18 - "SkyWave DX100" is in development.

6/2/18 - The "SkyWave DX150" amplifier has been released to production status.

5/19/18 - The "SkyWave DX150" amplifier PCB kit is scheduled to be released to production status on 6/1/18.

5/7/18 - The first "SkyWave DX150" circuit boards have arrived from the fabricator.

4/15/18 - Push-Pull FQP13N10 prototype in testing phase (Code name - "SkyWave DX150").

3/17/18 - New lower cost amplifier is in development.

3/15/18 - All production has stopped. The current designs are too expensive to build and are being discontinued. Current orders will be delivered to customers.