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"NoiseBuster"  Noise-Canceling Power Microphone Array


NoiseBuster  NoiseBuster C

NoiseBuster is wired for a standard 4-pin CB radio. Electronic transmit/receive switching allows the use of a high-reliability switch for PTT (Push-To-Talk). It uses the latest operational amplifiers and is completely surface-mount technology. It supplies high-level power-mic performance when talking across the microphones, while significantly reducing background noise away from the unit. This effect produces a highly desirable signal-to-noise improvement.

NoiseBuster uses a high-tech approach to achieve noise canceling and is operated differently than conventional mics. With a conventional mic, the voice is aimed directly at the microphone face. With NoiseBuster, maximum signal is achieved by aiming the voice across both mics, so that the voice is closer to one mic. To accomplish this, the operator talks from the top of the microphone housing aiming down the front. Both mics must be fully exposed to background noise for maximum noise canceling.

Power-Mic Performance with Significant Background Noise Reduction
Dual Microphone “End-Fire Array” Design
Background Noise Reduction (~17dB = 50x)
Significant Echo Cancelation
High Gain Audio Preamp (Internally Adjustable)
Extremely Low Audio Distortion (<0.05%)
Active Band-Pass Filtering (1KHz-2.5KHz)
Electronic Transmit/Receive Switching
High-Reliability Push-To-Talk Switch
RF Hardened” Op-Amps Prevent Unwanted Oscillation/Squealing
Standard 9V Battery
Standard 4-Pin Microphone Configuration/Connector
Low Output Impedance - Works with Any Radio (4-Pin)
Reduces Feedback from Talk-Back Feature (If Radio Equipped)