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"LoudMouth"  Transceiver Microphone Preamp / Filter Module


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Why You Need "LoudMouth"...

Two-way radios have historically used dynamic type microphone elements. While dynamic elements work to some level, their high frequency response is quite poor. That's why many dynamic microphones often sound muffled. "LoudMouth" was designed to take advantage of the wide and flat frequency response of condenser microphones. Since condenser microphones require a small amount of power to operate, "LoudMouth" supplies that needed power to the microphone without the need for additional wires in the microphone cord. No microphone battery is required. "LoudMouth" uses operational amplifier technology to give you the highest quality audio. High gain and extremely low distortion combined with an adjustable high-pass audio filter gives your transmitter a power-packed audio punch with exceptional clarity.

"LoudMouth" is Different... and There's Nothing on the Market Like it!

"LoudMouth" mounts inside the transceiver and uses a sophisticated operational amplifier circuit to provide high quality audio, with typically less than 0.01% total harmonic distortion. "LoudMouth" works best with condenser type microphones... taking advantage of the wide and flat frequency response.... providing a tremendously clear audio punch.

Complete Audio Processing for Condenser or Dynamic Microphones.*
Extremely Low Harmonic Distortion
Adjustable Gain
Adjustable High-Pass Audio Filter

Modulation Indicator
Tiny Surface Mount Technology Module Mounts Inside Transceiver
Completely Shielded for High RF Immunity
Reverse Polarity Protected
No Batteries Necessary
Premium Electronic Components & Circuit Board
100% Production Tested
90 Day Limited Warranty

* Optimum results obtained with Uniden BC645 condenser microphone or equivalent.