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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge to make some modifications to my radio?
Telstar Electronics is not a radio repair shop. We are a design & manufacturing company. Although we don’t recommend any specific shops to install the equipment we provide, we are certainly available for any technical support required from installers of our products.

Can Telstar build me a custom RF amplifier?
Telstar Electronics is not a custom electronics builder. All of our products go through a typical engineering development & testing cycle. This is the only way that we can assure a reliable and quality product.

"SkyWave" RF Linear Amplifiers...
How much power do I need to drive a SkyWave amplifier?
All products that Telstar Electronics manufactures have detailed specification datasheets. These datasheets are available for download on the individual product page.

Why do the SkyWave amplifiers use a plastic enclosure?
We have heard some say that you can't have RF equipment in plastic enclosures. There is no basis for this statement. Look no further than your cell phone. In fact, plastics have many advantages. The enclosures we use are made from high grade ABS plastic. ABS is very tough and crack resistant. You could hit it with a hammer and it wouldn't crack or dent. Try that with a metal enclosure.

Why don't the SkyWave amplifiers come with a preamp?
The preamps that you see on other amplifiers are nothing more than a gimmick, which have no real benefit. To be useful, a preamp would have to increase the signal strength of the person being received without increasing the strength of the background noise. This is called increasing the signal to noise ratio. That’s where the problem comes in. The very simple one-transistor preamps that are used by all these amplifier manufacturers don’t have that ability. They amplify ALL signals (voice and noise) equally. Unfortunately, that accomplishes nothing but raising the volume. All the radios we’ve ever seen already come with a volume control.  There are certainly ways of improving the signal to noise ratio, but these methods are quite complex and costly...